White (another meaning “Baltic”) and other colors Paint out of the tube can become a color. What is the easiest way to achieve this? Put out of the vessel, dedicated to him and yourself the time, lay on the canvas or paper, find a shape, create a relationship with the adjacent colors and paint, with your thoughts and sensations, emotions… And that’s it.
Can color become dye? I do not know, so I check– I look carefully, I think what I see, what familiar, what’s new. I touch. I checked again. Do you have time? You check as well. Carefully. Very closely. If you touch – be careful, oil paint takes a long lime to transform into color.
Is it fun to have time?
Check the colors from a distance, from the most possible distance. Do you see the Baltic signs? Don’t you see it – have a closer look. There I put them releasing the paint. From the very close, turning in my hand and hanging in the air over the fabric of color, or by placing it in the color carpet.
The most important feature of the sign is the link between the writer and the reader. This means that both had and spent time. It is important that the selfish assignment of the time to “MYSELF” and the inscription of the SIGN is both an unselfish gift – “reading”. Everyone experiences interpretations that are close to him. Ugnius Motiejūnas


Do you see the Baltic signs? Don’t you see it – have a closer look.