Saatchart Paveikslai LT


Ugnius Motiejunas (1970m.)
The first pencil drawing and gouache painting teacher was Rimvydas Jankauskas Kampas. I took his lessons in 1987-88. In 2009 graduated Kaunas Antanas Martinaitis art school. Then studied privately: my beloved teachers - Arvydas Brazdziunas Duse, Jonas Maldziunas, Gintaras Zubrys, and Antanas Obcarskas. Since 2013 I am a member of the "Anthony apples" painter group.




We start to play here, and then everyone will be able to play at the most favorable moment – its essence – carefully explore what is facing your eyes, what sounds in the ears, or thoughts, and find the rhythm or a few rhythms.


The group of paintings was created by exploring the close, everyday nature, looking for links between the now-blooming plant and the ornament created and used for centuries.


“Uncover the white” is the attempt to cover white background so that the underneath white penetrates through. Uncover the white also is to white cover another color.