“Uncover the white” personal show Translation- Balto (White) danga (cover) was held in the “Park Gallery”, in Kaunas. Pictures Neilas Montvilas

“Uncover the white” is the attempt to cover white background so that the underneath white penetrates through. Uncover the white also is to white cover another color. As I paint, I figured out that the “Uncover the white” is the white covered for the blind. By the sense of feelings, “Uncover the white” is a sensitivity, the ability to touch not too strong, not to distress everything, only to leave signs of the strongest impressions on the surface; “Uncover the white” is the harshness – the weaker impressions are grayish or pure white, mercilessly unmarked. Lately, I paint abstract paintings where it is equally important to cover the observed color combination and preserve the white feeling of the picture. How can I discover the “motives” of paintings?

The beginning of all the exhibited paintings – nature. I feel that wherever I am, there is always a good combination of colors, shapes, worthy of painting. To notice it requires attention and time. The most grateful time – morning or evening, by the day and night boundaries, it is easiest to notice less usual combinations. Then I paint a landscape. In the daytime, I settle the fragments of meadows, grasslands, mostly while painting I enhance them.

If the motive is particularly strong – it can be purified in the minds, by anticipating the untouchable spots and succeeding in preserving the white areas of the canvas. Otherwise, I paint a few paintings on top of each other and I leave the original idea behind.