„To the Density“ It has been a few years when hiking with friends for a traditional trip, we choose a sacred stone or hill fort. Rarely we go on the paved road, mostly we are looking for a path through the meadows, forests. Always the big road turns into a path, a woodland, and disappears in the density. The companions’ brawl, while crossing into the nettle to the armpit, but the next time goes along again. Most of the paintings have hinted at such hikes. Like in those walks and paintings – I notice a combination of colors or impressions and travel. If I am steadfast and determined at that time – I paint a picture in several layers. Otherwise, a dozen layers, the result is distant to the initial impulse. At this exhibition, a common motif of the picture is a plant, a herb. It seems to be unthinkable, temporary, annual. Its tempo-rarity is ironical, because the motive of the plant is rooted in traditions, folklore, songs, fabrics, window shutters, chests and remains there. When exploring meadow grass rips, I feel that I continue the searches and the experiment by painting cycles – Baltic signs and Arithmetic – to understand, feel how was created the Baltic signs and other cultures. This summer I’ve met one of my life books – Viktorija Daujotytė “Granas” about Romualdas Granauskas. As she says –“create means to thicken the reality”.