Sample Headline

A+Rhythmetic is a name for the game.
I will explain the rules shortly.
This exhibition is a consequence of the game.
All the paintings are linked by the fact that the first step in the creation was to create the structure of the fluent lines and to grow color stains from it.
While painting, in many places I hide a scheme of rhythm, but I believe that it remains recognizable, that, without a hurry, with careful observation, it is possible to “rebuild”, guess the structure of the hidden rhythm everywhere around and of course in painting.
I think this is an interesting disclosure – find a rhythm anywhere you are at the moment or can get in your imagination.
The rhythm is so frequent and so close to us that we are no longer thinking about it.
I guess the rhythm is among the most important components of existence.
Shapes, colors, lights, sounds, are the most evident rhythms.
A fracture in the perception occurred when I realized that the smell has a rhythm – whether you pass every day through the same plant, bakery, or every rainy day in the forest breath in a damp mushroom odor.
The most interesting look is a variable, unmonotonous rhythm, or rhythm, which at first looks Not obvious, and when it is discovered, it is perceived that it is more obvious than this.
So, I present a game of joy to everyone. We start to play here, and then everyone will be able to play at the most favorable moment – its essence – carefully explore what is facing your eyes, what sounds in the ears, or thoughts, and find the rhythm or a few rhythms.